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Just Get 'Em Saved

Now to “Just Get “Em Saved” (JGES)….Over time He began giving me over and over the phrase "Just Get 'Em Saved". This has continued and more has been given to me over time. After “JGES” then I would see shirts with “Just Get ‘Em Saved” printed on them. Then it became a word at a time such as "Gathering (Matthew 18:20), Movement (Acts 17:28), Reciprocity (2 Corinthians 6:12-13) and Participate” (1 Corinthians 6:17). There are 2 particular scriptures Romans 10:9-10 and Matthew 9:37-38 also. Along the way there has now been a leading to create a website. I also was led to make contact with a Christian singer concerning a song titled “Just Get ‘Em Saved”. He has also shown me people in other states I already knew and some I have met recently that will be people I will be going to as I move further along in this. I have also been given gatherings of people at large venues in the future. The only one I have told about these details are my Pastor, until now. As for this website it will have a calendar, schedule of events, email option, clothing orders option, weekly scripture, photos and more I am sure. It is all a work in progress.

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